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Diablo III - The Powerful Skills Build for Barbarians in 1.0.7


Since the PTR 1.0.7 test server released, most of players has participated in the dueling enjoy the intensive combat of fighting with opponents. As the loyalty Diablo 3 player, I absolutely should take my barbarian enter into the dueling. OMG, we have died in 5 second when the first time I came to the dueling. After experienced the miserable campaign, I have to get away in tears.


I was frustrated about my Barbarian, how can I convert the failure situation? I have to intensive study the skills and adjust my attitude. After adjusting skills build and testing more than 1 hour, I got the finally version: Sprint with Bloody Rend

The Details of Build:

1. As for the close combat, you should near to the enemy and release the damage. The long distance professions basically fly the opponents. Even on the way of chasing them, you will be killed. So, you need a skill to close your opponent instantly meanwhile you should use the skill which has a high life steal and duration high DPS to attack the opposite. Now, I recommend you use the Rend to match with SKORN. The attribute of inflicting bleed would help you finish off the weak long distance player.


2. The damage reduce is quite important. The Ignore Pain looks like the Shield Wall and equals to the invincible status, meanwhile the amazing shield which would reflect the damage looks like a small shield either. If the two shield walls can’t offense the critical damage from enemy, you’d better to adjust your equipments.

3. The movement speed is the essential factor in the dueling. No matter your opponent is the flying player or the chasing player, the fast movement speed would save your life at the key point. So, the sprint still the light point for the Barbarian!


The key point to this Build: After you enter into the dueling, you should find the shelter to accelerate the fury to full. Because my barbarian arm with Immoral set that you can ensure the fury. The barbarian who full with fury is crazy, if your find the enemy just release leap ->rend->sprint. Basically, you should to release these skills about 2 times that you can kill your enemy.

In the PVP dueling, there is no perfect Build that you should research and learn. In the later, we will share more useful and practical skills build with you. In addition, sufficient D3 Gold has prepared for you now!

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