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NWPS4 - 5% Discount for Cheap Neverwinter ZEN and Astral Diamonds PS4,XBOX ONE and PC

As we all know, the new D&D Neverwinter MOD 10: Storm Kings Thunder is released on August 16th soon! This is a big version for Neverwinter PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, many of players are looking forward to the launch of th...

Diablo 3 RoS Monk Guide: How to Balance Defense and Offensive

In the Diablo III, the two essential factors to farm is the qualified viability and stable output capacity. The Monk never lack of ability to survive, we have the best defense skills in all classes. While, due to the lim...

Everyone Hates the Same Diablo 3 Bounties: How to Fix Them?

Source From:   Most players value Bounties entirely based on how quickly they can be completed. So while not literally Everyone hates the Same Diablo 3 Bounties, there’s pretty wide agr...

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Tips for Clients get Benefits from Christmas Activities


Greeting everyone! Have you anticipated our Christmas promotional activity? Do you want more chance to get the big prizes? Still hesitated to sign up our free member? Can’t find the community of Diabloiiigold? Feel frustrated about high Diablo 3 monster power level? Need more legendary D3 Items with cheap price? As your favorite Diablo 3 service organization, we are glad to solve your problems.


Christmas Acticity


The updated of Wheel of Fortune has released on 12/17/2012! We have prepared huge D3 Gold for each client. As you know, the winning rate for Christmas Wheel of Fortune has increased to 100%. In other words, as long as you join our activity you can get the prizes. Recommendations for you:

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Member Center


In addition, started from the 12/17/2012 to 01/06/2013, the member buy D3 Gold from diabloiiigold will obtain double points. For example, you buy 24$ D3 Gold on 12/17, you can get 48 member points. The 100 member points = 500k D3 Gold, you can exchange in member center. Hurry up to be our free member is your right choice!





As the most popular Diablo 3 Gold store, we are glad to provide a convenient and comfortable communication platform for customers. Since Diabloiiigold established the FACEBOOK page for few months, we have received most of useful feedback about our service. Meanwhile, through the fair method that we obtained 146 likes. Our staff member appreciates your support and trust!


Diablo III Guide

I supposed one of the reasons you choose Diabloiiigold as your reliable is our professional Diablo III Guide. After you entered our site, you can read our news to learn how to match skill with your items. The professional experience of farming D3 Gold and upgrading fast would help you more.


Auction Assistance


To satisfy the requirements of clients, we added the new service of assisting buy D3 Items from the Auction House. As long as you tell us the information of your ideal items and your expected price that we will buy it for you as soon as possible. We will try our best to help you save money and time.

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